• Can i draw your oc?

Sure, but please keep it SFW
I'm not comfortable with any sort of sexual content so please don't do anything like that with my characters
(gore is okay, but ask first)

  • Which art program do you use?

I like to use multiple art programs, at the moment the ones im using is Krita, Paint Tool SAI, Medibang, Clip studio paint and Aseprite(pixelart)

  • Which software you use to animate?

I use Krita to animate at the moment

  • Can we do a art trade?

If i have some free time, then sure.
Just ask me first!

  • Which pronouns this oc goes by?

if theres no mention of pronouns on the oc bio, then its any pronouns


Hi, i'm tigre/hellnu and welcome to my carrd.co! !
I draw, animate and sometimes make music.
I'm a super anxious and awkward creature, but trying my best to improve it!

by commissioning me, you are automatically accepting the terms bellow, so please read everything first
if you have any questions feel free to contact me

  • What i draw

  • animals(feral and anthro)

  • humanoids

  • fantasy creatures

  • gore(moderate and candy)

  • fan art

  • object oc

  • What i don't draw

  • nsfw

  • nudity

  • fetish art

  • hateful or discriminatory content

(if your oc species isn't listed above, feel free to ask about it)

-I have the right to refuse your commission request

-I may use/upload your commission on my social medias and portfolio, if you wish to keep this commission private, please tell me beforehand

-You may not use your commission for commercial purposes

-You must pay first before i can start working on your commission

-Please give credits if you gonna repost your commission

-You can only request a refund if your commission still have not been finished, after that it's not possible

-You may request small changes/fixes on your commission

-I may send a sketch before moving foward with the commission to make sure this is the pose/mood you wish for

-Feel free to request for updates on your commission

-I may charge extra if your oc have a complex design

-I have multiple artstyles, so if you are looking for a specific artstyle of my, please tell me beforehand